Our Vision

A world where no nutrient-rich organic waste goes to compost or landfill.

BSFL insect farms across the globe powered by FlyFarm Systems solutions that bioconvert organic waste into sustainable protein profitably for our partners.

Whether you are an agri-business, food processor, manufacturing business looking to improve the way you handle your organic waste – FlyFarm Systems can design and build a system solution that meets your needs for return on capital.

Our Mission

To design and supply affordable and reliable automated black solider fly larvae insect farming systems which operate across the world. Making black soldier fly insect farming into a ubiquitous and profitable way to recycle organic waste into sustainable protein, oil and frass – FlyFarm Systems can make a positive and significant contribution to addressing the Climate Crisis and the drive to achieve net zero. 


Our Technology

Farming Black Soldier Fly Larvae at scale requires automation and control systems – FlyFarm Systems designs and builds integrated end to end BSFL farming systems utilising in-house designed robotics, automation from trusted third party manufacturers together with FlyFarmOS and FlyFarmCloud to deliver a complete solution for your BSFL farming needs.

Our Team

FlyFarm Systems has a passionate team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers – on a mission to deploy mechatronics technology to the organic waste problem worldwide.