Black Soldier Fly Larvae Insect Farming Technology

FlyFarm Systems supplies integrated black soldier fly larvae insect farming systems and solutions - from waste feedstock preparation, automated feeding and storage and retrieval in rearing to post harvest treatment and bagging for market.

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Driven by Technology

Automated BSFL insect farming system solutions - powered by in-house designed robotics and IoT system which enable 24 hour operation with minimum human labour.

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Total Control

The FlyFarm System sensors enables batch ordering, environmental conditions and tray tracking to be constantly monitored for automated insect farming. All data is reported up to FlyFarmCloud for data analysis and business reporting.

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Design and Build

FlyFarm Systems designs and supplies end to end commercial insect farming solutions for automated BSFL insect farms. Whether processing 4 ton of organic waste per day or up to 150 ton per day in large scale insect farming. Contact us today – to find out how we can help you build and operate a world class insect farming facility cost effectively.

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Our Impact

FlyFarm Systems is fully engaged in supporting the pursuit of UN Sustainability Goals. By selling our automated black soldier fly farming systems worldwide we can accelerate the growth of waste bioconversion using insect farming – helping to abate emissions that would otherwise be generated by waste.

FlyFarm works with international environmental NGO Earth.Org to further expand knowledge and engagement in emissions reducing waste management and sustainable protein production.


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